Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not much happening

As per the title, not much happening since the last post

Fencing all done, but the lockable gate has taken another 2 1/2 weeks to finish, unbelievablely unprofessional practice. I wish my neighbour has a better run with this fencing company.

Solar panel will be installed today, then the next is gardening. Have a landscaper coming in approx 2 weeks time.. hopefully everything will be done before Christmas.. but look like i don't have money for air-con & pagolar this year because buying too many un-necessary things. haha

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

06Oct - Fencing completed

Some pics for the fence

Finally all the fences are installed.. can't beleive it took so long due to late payment by neighbour.

Now they just need to come back and install the lockable gate. I feel more secure looking outside, but i should have taken some photos before the fences installed so i can remember the open space... haha

Due to the wet weather, i can see where they walked from/around my house, all my concrete are dirt, it will take me some times to clean it up, argh... But i am glad that it is over, one less thing to worry

Simonds has confirmed that i will be contacted by the maintenance contractor sometime this week, so hopefully they will call sooner and come/fix the issues quickly. It is a little more than a month wait, i really want all outstanding items to be fixed

Then i will have to think about gardening, can't wait to see a 'fully finish' house....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yay.. Fencing next week

28Aug - Got a call from the fence company this morning, all my neighbours have accepted the quote and they are organising it to be installed next Monday...

Such a good news, i have been quit worry in the last 2 weeks because only one neighbour retured my call, none from others.. so look like they reply back to the fence company rather than me.. anyway, as long as they accept it i am fine

Hopefully there is no issue and the fence can be up next Mon... my bunny can't wait to get out.. So next on agenda will be gardeing.. oh well, a lot of things still need to be done..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 months maintenance

Today 14Aug, its been 3 months exactly from handover.. and i still don't have fence.

I only accept a quote from a fencing company this Monday and they will be contacting my neighbour and see if they accept it.. waiting game again

I hope they will... just can't believe that no one on my street want to put up the fence.. I can fully understand those houses that build next to me (both sides), because they are still under construction, however the back neighbour, they move in already and no fence, they don't even put curtain, i can see them surfing internet in their study and having dinner in dinning area... well... i thought i am lazy already, but they, really surprise me..

Fence properly is my second last items to be done. Once done, it will then be landscaping, properly plus a pengolar...

Just got a replied from Simonds maintenance office that they received my fax (the maintenance list), and they will try to contact me either later this afternoon or Monday for an appointment. The maintenance office sound ok to me, very responsive, hope it is a painless process

Regarding the house, everything seems good, i finally have phone connected last week, a lot of drama for the fibre connection, but we are finally there, TV/Internet/Phone are all working fine now... most 'needed' furnitures/appliances are being bought, the house is being setup nicely, and i can finally feel 'home' of being home. Still need to put up some curtains though... hopefully everything can be done before summer so that i can enjoy the sun in the backyard..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fibre Optic to the home

Just some update, a month after the handover, the rangehood ducting has finally been done, however Simonds still owe me a certificate for the mortar re-colouring, still need to chase that up

Other than that, everything seems good except for the sliding doors, i think they didn’t seal properly and therefore i have terrible wind noise coming into the house, have to wait until they come back for maintenance

Free-to-air TV, this is a huge issue, a lot, a lot of issues getting the fibre done..

We have Opticomm came to our house and installed the ONU unit, based on what they said, i would get free-to-air TV automatically once ONU unit installed, however i got nothing.

After so many phone calls and email, both Opticomm & Villawood said that Opticomm would come and fix the fibre.

I finally have my TV back on 14July, 2 months exactly after the handover.. OMG

And internet, finally received the router and get connected 4 days after having the TV.. so i finally feel a bit better now…

Next, still, the phone.. Internode did send me a starter pack but i can’t figure out how to install it.. so properly need another phone call..

This fibre-to-home things just too tech for me, but i must admit that the internet is so fast and so good, i think it worth the wait..

These 2 days (21/22July) is concrete day, they are still working on the concrete at a moment, but it looks good so far.. will post some pic later.. Ronny is good, i would recommend him if anyone interest of concreting..Next on agenda, properly is the fence…

My back neighbour has moved in a few days ago and they start concreting already, i wonder why they don’t start with the fence, i was hoping that they would send me the quote/bill and saved me some work… hehehee

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What need to be done...

Well, its been a little more than a month since we moved into our new house… Finally the rangehood ducting is done.. the only remaining follow up is just some paperworks…

Now, have to start writing up the maintenance list… there are a few things that need fixing (I guess), some paint jobs definitely, and the niche in the ensuite is cracking, some doors not closed properly and i think the main issue is the sliding doors, which have not been seal properly (based on my inspection), so air leak in and i have a surround sound (wind noise) in the living area during windy days… but other than that, everything is fine… i just hope that my neighbour can finish their construction sooner so that i can open the window… i love fresh air…

Have the ONU connection done by the estate nominated contractor, however still cannot get free to air TV & internet/phone, a bit disappointed. The contractor said that there is no fibre connected to my property, but when i called the estate they said that all fibre connection been connected/done, so who is lying and who is telling the true????? I just want my TV/phone/internet, that’s all

Now, have scheduled the concreting (for backyard) and some roller blinds to be done later this month, then will be fencing and some gardening.. then properly air-con, not sure which brand to choose yet, but i can certainly wait as it is still long way to go until Summer… Too many things need to be done and i feel very tired…